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Short Messages Warn of Terror; Intelligence Analyst Convicted of Spying; Denver Police Watched Peaceful Activists; Rock Club Fire Kills 51

Feb 21, 20031 min
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Short Messages Warn of TerrorMercury News. The Merc reports that for about $2.40 a year, subscribers can register the postal codes of their homes and workplaces.

A British company is offering Londoners the chance to receive short text messages on their cell phones warning them of nearby terrorist attacks, according to a story in today’s

Intelligence Analyst Convicted of SpyingWashington Post. The Post reports that the analyst tried to sell classified documents to Iraq and China.

A federal jury convicted a former Air Force intelligence analyst of espionage, and has yet to decide if the convict should be put to death, according to a story in today’s

Denver Police Watched Peaceful The story reports that the surveillance came to light when documents were released in a legal battle accusing police of violating the rights of protesters.

Denver police kept files on many groups, from peace activists to motorcycle gangs, according to a story on

Rock Club Fire Kills 51Boston Globe. The fire reportedly started when a pyrotechnics display set the ceiling of the club aflame.

A fire in a Rhode Island nightclub killed at least 51 people and injured more than 150, according to a story in the