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Bob Violino
Contributing writer

Sector Security Cooperation: All Together Now

Aug 01, 20031 min
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The government's call for better security yields a plethora of sectorwide forums and programs

Spearheading many of the chemical industry’s security efforts is the Chemicals Sector Cyber-Security Information Sharing Forum, which was created in April 2002 in response to the federal government’s call for enhanced security in the industry.

The Washington, D.C.-based forum includes 10 industry associations representing more than 2,000 chemical companies. The group initially created a task force of 16 security experts in the industry, covering areas such as physical, information and process control security; supply chain management and logistics; industry collaborations; standards development; legal; and telecommunications.

The plan was submitted to Richard Clarke, former chairman of President Bush’s Critical Infrastructure Protection Board, for inclusion in the National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace.

Late in 2002, the forum created a Cyber-Security Program to evaluate security technologies and collaborate with technology providers, determine a common industry standard, recommend security practices and policies, and develop an information-sharing network through which members could exchange ideas and distribute warnings about security threats.

In January, the forum and the Chemical Industry Data Exchange (CIDX) trade association unveiled the Chemicals Sector Cyber-Security Practices, Standards and Technology Initiative. This effort, run by a newly formed CIDX business unit, will implement the standards and practices component of the forum program.