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Law Enforcement Links Share Visa Database; Government Will Monitor Internet for Attacks; Microsoft Agrees to Passport Changes

Jan 31, 20031 min
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Law Enforcement Links Share Visa Database

A new link of law enforcement computer systems will give police departments across the country access to a database of 50 million applications for United States visas, according to an article in today’s New York Times. The Times reports that changes to the copmuter system will also allow the FBI and other linked agencies to send encrypted e-mail. Government Will Monitor Internet for AttacksWashington Post reports that the Bush administration is building a facility to monitor the Internet and respond to attacks on critical systems and websites. The Post reports that the monitoring system, known as the Global Early Warning Information System, or GEWIS, is being built by the National Communications System, a defense agency.


Microsoft Agrees to Passport ChangesMercury News. The News reports that most of the changes will affect users in the United States as well as Europe.

After months of negotiation, Microsoft has agreed to several changes demanded by the European Union concerning the way in which the company collects and uses information about European users, according to an article in the