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Homeland Intelligence Not Smart; Spammers Could Exploit Wi-Fi Weakness; Wozniak Will Sell Wireless Tracking Systems

Jul 21, 20032 mins
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Homeland Intelligence Not Smart

The Washington Post reports that the intelligence unit of the four-month-old Department of Homeland Security is understaffed, unorganized and weak-willed in bureaucratic struggles with other government agencies, diminishing its role in pursuing terrorists, according to some members of Congress and independent national security experts. The Post reports that the vast majority of the department’s intelligence analysts lack computers that are able to receive data classified “top secret” and above. Spammers Could Exploit Wi-Fi Weakness reports that spammers are preparing to use weaknesses in corporate wireless local area networks (Lans) to send out floods of unsolicited email, a security company chief has claimed. The story quotes Steve Raber, CEO of CipherTrust, who warns that spammers could send someone out with a laptop PC looking for vulnerable networks and then hijack a company’s mail servers to send junk email.


Wozniak Will Sell Wireless Tracking SystemsNew York Times. The Times reports that the tags could be used to track pets, children and other roving animals.

Apple co-founder Stephan Wozniak has launched a company that will sell a wireless network that uses radio signals and global positioning satellite data to keep track of a cluster of inexpensive tags within a one- or two-mile radius of each base station, according to story in the