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Homeland Security Appointments Made; Scientists and Security Experts Experiment With Each Other; She Was a Girl, It Was a Virus

Jan 10, 20031 min
CSO and CISOData and Information Security

Homeland Security Appointments MadeWashington Post. The Post reports that Commerce Department official John Tritak will be tapped to run the Infrastructure Protection division under Clapper.

James Clapper, former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, will be nominated to lead the Information Analysis and Infrastructure Protection (IAIP) division of the Department of Homeland Security, according to an article in the

Scientists and Security Experts Experiment With Each OtherNew York Times. The Times reports that the two communities have a long history of distrust.

Scientists and security experts are meeting at the National Academy of Sciences to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of withholding publication of scientific papers on subjects that may aid terrorists, according to a story in the

She Was a Girl, It Was a VirusComputerworld. The story reports that the worm, W32/Lirva, spreads by retrieving e-mail addresses from a variety of files stored on a computer’s hard drive, then sending copies of itself to those addresses in the form of an executable e-mail attachment.

A new e-mail worm lures victims with a mention of singer Avril Lavigne, then steals Windows passwords and sends them to e-mail addresses in Russia, according to a story in