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Security Worries About Outsourcing; CSIS Says Ceberterrorism Is Hyped; Microsoft Focuses on Homeland Security

Jan 06, 20032 mins
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Security Worries About Outsourcing

Today’s New York Times reports on security concerns about software whose programming has been outsourced to other countries. The Times reports that while there are no known instances of abuse of outsourcing by hackers, experts worry about software that is written in countries like Pakistan, the Philippines and Russia.CSIS Says Cyberterrorism Is HypedComputerworld.

The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) has published a paper claiming that the threat of cyberattack has been overrated by both the government and the media, according to a story in

Microsoft Focuses on Homeland SecurityDow Jones Business News last Friday. While Microsoft has been selling to government agencies for decades, Dow Jones reports, it stepped up its Homeland Security focus in November. That month, Microsoft named Thomas Richey, a former Coast Guard official and an adviser to Democratic presidential aspirant Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts, as its first director of Homeland Security. “This is not about packaging Microsoft products in an expedient manner to get on the Homeland Security gravy train,” Richey says. “It’s quite the opposite.” Nonetheless, the story points out, the country’s spending on information technology related to domestic security will increase by about 20 percent over a five-year period, to more than $12 billion by 2008, according to estimates by the Government Electronics & Information Technology Association, a technology industry group.

Smoothing communication among the 22 agencies to be joined under the Department of Homeland Security Jan. 24 is a top concern for the governmentand for Microsoft Corp., according to a story in