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Intelligence says Al Qaeda Still Potent; Commercial Jets May Get Missile Defense Systems; Fizzer Virus Not Much of a Threat

May 16, 20032 mins
CSO and CISOData and Information Security

Al Qaeda Still Potent, Intelligence SaysWashington Post. The Post reports that the State Department has issued a warning advising against travel to Kenya, and it has alerted Americans in recent days about possible terrorist attacks in Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

The al Qaeda terrorist network, its leadership severely weakened by 19 months of counterterrorism operations, is seeking to prove that it is still viable by launching more attacks on U.S. interests abroad to capitalize on Monday’s strikes in Saudi Arabia, intelligence and terrorism officials said yesterday, according to a story in the

Commercial Jets May Get Missile Defense SystemsBoston Globe. The Globe writes that a report to be issued by the department in Washington today will call for the government to hire two companies to develop prototype systems that protect passenger jets from heat-seeking, shoulder-fired missiles.

A proposal to equip all commercial jets in the United States with missile defense systems moved forward yesterday, when the Department of Homeland Security completed a plan for determining whether a workable technology exists, according to a story in today’s

Fizzer Virus Not Much of a ThreatComputerworld. The magazine reports that most experts recommend that companies need to ensure that remote workers are covered by the same security polices that govern the corporate network.

This week’s Fizzer worm appears to have had little impact on corporate networks, according to users and analysts interviewed by