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Cisco Buys Security Company; Butterflies Are Free But Illegal; Video Monitors Trigger Alarms

Oct 25, 20021 min
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Cisco Buys Security Company

Cisco is paying $12 million in stock to purchase Psionic Software, a Texas company whose products help detect network intrusions, according to an article in the San Franciso Chronicle. The Chronicle reports that Psionic’s strength is that its product has fewer false alarms than that of competitors.Butterflies Are Free But IllegalNew York Times. The Times reports that the city’s Transportation Department has instructed Microsoft to remove the decals.

The large adhesive butterfly stickers that a Microsoft marketing campaign has been placing all over New York are illegal, according to an article in today’s

Video Monitors Trigger Alarms

A Virginia firm that had developed products for streaming video has repositioned itself as a security vendor of systems in which video monitors detect motion and ring alarms, according to an article in the Washington Post. The Post reports that ObjectVideo is now pitching its products to airports, power plants and oil refineries.