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Summary of H.R.4678 Consumer Privacy Protection Act of 2002

Jun 17, 20021 min
CSO and CISOData and Information Security

This bill also requires organizations to provide consumers access to the their privacy policy statement outlining policy practices. Under this bill, the consumer has the opportunity to preclude the sale or disclosure of PII to any other organization that is not an information-sharing partner of that organization.

In addition, it strengthens protections against identity theft and provides a means to address discriminatory treatment of U.S. entities under the privacy laws and regulations of other countries. “After holding a series of six hearings, the most comprehensive inquiry in Congress on information privacy, I am pleased to introduce this information privacy legislation with strong bipartisan support,” said Representative Stearns. “From these hearings, we learned that we must strike a balance in protecting personal information without unduly interfering with the free flow of consumer information that strengthens our economy and benefits the consumer. This bill does just that.”