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Intel Processors to Include Security; High Tech Firms Push Back on Fed’s Security Plan; GAO Faults H1-B Worker Screening

Sep 10, 20021 min
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Intel Processors to Include Security

Intel plans to integrate advanced security features into its processors and other hardware, according to an article in today’s New York Times. The Times reports that the security features are intended to protect stored data from hackers and viruses.High Tech Firms Push Back on Fed’s Security PlanWashington Post. The Post reports that the pushback has persuaded the government to back off of some demands, such as one that would have required ISPs to bundle security technology with their software.

High tech businesses have not embraced all of the government’s cybersecurity plans, and have argued that some plans are too expensive and some would cripple creativity, according to an article in today’s

GAO Faults H1-B Worker ScreeningWashington Post also reports that a General Accounting Office report alleges that the Commerce Department failed to conduct adequate background checks on 15,000 H1-B workers who had access to sensitive technologies.