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IT Security Budgets Spared the Axe, Security Expo Aborted, Governments Swap Privacy for Security, Microsoft Admits Security Flaw

Sep 06, 20022 mins
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IT Security Budgets Spared the AxeComputerWorld is predicting an IT security job boom, with rising salaries for workers in information security skills. The magazine, a sister publication to CSO, reports that security budgets have largely been spared the cost cutting measures that have slowed many IT projects. Security Expo AbortedMercury News. The News reported that the businessman, Peter K. Davidson, is facing several felony counts related to former business deals.

A San Jose businessman failed to come up with a $34,000 deposit required to book a convention center for the American Security Expo, according to an article in the

Governments Trade Privacy for SecurityWashington Post. The Post reports that in June, the European Union adopted laws requiring ISPs to retain data on traffic and location of all people using electronic communications.

A new report published by the Electronic Privacy Information Center and Privacy International claims that many countries, in addition to the United States, have adopted laws that value increased security over privacy, according to an article in the

Microsoft Admits Security FlawNew York Times reports that Microsoft has said that recent versions of its Windows operating system have a security flaw that could allow attackers to block some online transactions. The company is urging users to download a security patch that is available on their website.