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Feds Promise to Keep Mum; China Begins a Long Fight with Piracy; Internet Attacks Hold Lessons

Nov 01, 20021 min
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Feds Promise to Keep Mum

FBI officials promised to try to keep secret the names of corporations whose computer systems have been hacked, according to a story reported by the Associated Press and published in DigitalMASS. The story reports that the promise is part of a government effort to encourage business to cooperate with federal efforts to fight cybercrime.China Begins A Long Fight With PiracyNew York Times reports on efforts in China, where pirated copies of movies routinely appear within three days of the film’s release. The Times cites the example of one popular music CD, whose original copyrighted version accounts for 1.2 percent of the CDs in circulation.


Internet Attacks Hold LessonsWashington Post. The Post reports that in order to repel future attacks, the small group of people who operate the Internet’s most sensitive systems will need the help of many others, such as ISPs and even regular users.

Last week’s attacks on the Internet revealed some vulnerabilities that benefit future attackers, according to an article in the