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Navy Lab May Provide Communications Link, Flaw Found in Microsoft Word, 911 Cell Phone Call Still Don’t Locate Cell Phone Callers

Sep 13, 20021 min
CSO and CISOData and Information Security

Navy Lab May Provide Emergency LinkNew York Times. According to the Times, the lab has modified a Humvee to provide commanders at emergency scenes with land lines, cellular service, wireless Internet, fax and streaming video.

The Naval Research Laboratory in Washington is exploring ways to provide a crucial communications link between emergency response teams, according to an article in the

Flaw Found in Microsoft WordWall Street Journal reports that Microsoft’s Word word processing program has a security flaw that could allow files to be stolen by bugging a document wiht a hidden code.


911 Cell Phone Calls Still Don’t Locate CallersWashington Post.

Despite an FCC recomendation, wireless carriers have not yet put in place a system that would enable emergency response teams to locate cell phone users who dial 911, according to an article in the