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Laptop May Convict Snipers; Microsoft Disputes Vulnerability Claims; New Senate Wants Homeland Security

Nov 08, 20021 min
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Laptop May Convict Snipers

Among the most incriminating evidence against two men charged in the sniper shootings in Washington is a virtual diary written on a laptop computer, according to an article in today’s New York Times. The Times quotes one official saying that you could simply hit a “print” button on the computer and have a pretty stong case against the suspects.Microsoft Disputes Vulnerability ClaimsComputerWorld. Microsoft argued, among other things, that the more widely used products, such as theirs, would naturally have more problems reported.

Microsoft is disputing a recently published report that claimed that operating systems made by Apple and Unix were less vulnerable to attack than those made by Microsoft and those using Linux, according to an article in

New Senate Wants Homeland SecurityWashington Post. The Post reports that new Senate is likely to grant the wishes of business in policy decisions about online piracy, cybersecurity, broadband deregulation and Internet piracy.

The new Republican controlled Senate is expected to push hard for the creation of a Deparment of Homeland Security, according to an article in the