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Technology Versus Civil Liberties; Terror Alert to Code Yellow; New Slapper Worm Variants Spread

Sep 25, 20022 mins
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Technology Versus Civil Liberties?

Technology that identifies people by their immutable physical characteristics continues to generate tremendous interest among lawmakers and executives seeking to seal porous borders and protect against terrorist attacks. But some activists warn that increasing reliance on biometric devices is a serious threat to the privacy of innocent Americans. The second part of a special report in the Washington Post examines some of the privacy issues related to the new technologies. The critics span a surprising range, from House Majority Leader Dick Armey to the American Civil Liberties Union. Terror Alert to Code YellowThe New York Times today, Bush reached his decision two weeks after directing homeland security officials to raise the alert status to Code Orange, indicating a high risk of attack because of serious and credible threats by Al Qaeda networks, mainly in Southeast Asia.

President Bush ordered the country’s terror alert level lowered to Code Yellow today for several factors cited by government officials. These include the disruption of a group near Buffalo whose members are accused of being in Al Qaeda and the capture of followers of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, Singapore and Yemen. According to

New Slapper Worm Variants SpreadIDG News Service report yesterday afternoon. The worm initially surfaced two weeks ago.

Two new variants of the Slapper worm that targets Apache Web servers running on Linux operating systems have appeared and are reported to be spreading, according to an