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Cybersecurity Plan Delayed; Feds Dig into Credit Card Scam; Music Bosses Mull Piracy Options

Sep 17, 20021 min
CSO and CISOData and Information Security

Cybersecurity Plan DelayedWashington Post reports that the Bush Administration will not release its national strategy plan for cybersecurity today, as had been expected. The Post reports that the White House says it wants to gather more input from industry sources.


Feds Dig into Credit Card ScamMercury News.

Federal authorities are looking into a wave of bogus credit card transactions involving more than 100,000 purchases, although no money actually changed hands, according to an article in today’s

Music Bosses Mull Piracy OptionsBBC News today. A new technology that could make CDs copy-proof without alienating listeners was touted at an industry conference in Manchester, England, last weekend. The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry has produced a new badge to show CDs are copy protected and plans to issue labelling guidelines so companies can meet trading standards regulations. The other approach is through education

trying to change young peoples belief that music should be free.

Music industry executives will take a two-pronged approach to fighting piracy, reports the