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Chinese Programmer Arrested in Alleged Theft, Surveillance Technology Helps Elderly, British Police Arrest Virus Author

Sep 20, 20021 min
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Chinese Programmer Arrested in Alleged Theft

FBI agents in Silicon Valley arrested a Chinese software programmer after he allegedly tried to steal software used to image oil fields, according to a report in today’s New York Times.The Times reports that the suspect’s employer, 3DGeo Development, caught the suspect trying to download company software from a password protected site.Surveillance Technology Helps ElderlyDigitalMASS. The story reports that the same technology that has been used to monitor entrances and exits is now being turned on occupants who could benefit from closer observation.

Surveillance technology is helping people keep an eye on elderly or disabled relatives, according to a story reported by the Associated Press and published in

British Police Arrest Virus AuthorNew York Times publishes a Reuters report that police outside of London arrested a man suspected of writing a virus that attacked Linux computer systems. According to the story, the virus was known as TOrn, and was later modified by Chinese programmers to a virus known as Lion.