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Internet Proved Itself on 9/11; Pentagon Thought About Tagging Internet Users; Homeland Security Feeding Frenzy

Nov 22, 20021 min
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Internet Proved Itself on 9/11

While telephone and other communications services were widely disrupted, the Internet performed well during the attacks of 9/11, according to report by the National Research Council that is cited in the Washington Post. The Post reports that e-mail flowed smoothly throughout most of the United States, although some Internet service was knocked out as far away as Romania and South Africa.Pentagon Thought About Tagging Internet UsersNew York Times. The Times reports that the new surveillance plan, known as eDNA, ignited an angry dispute over its value and its risks to privacy.

The Pentagon has considered making changes to the Internet so that it would be impossible to use large portions of it without personal markers that would identify users, according to an article in today’s

Homeland Security Feeding FrenzyMercury News. The News reports that all across Silicon Valley, companies are ramping up their government sales forces.

This week’s vote to create a Department of Homeland Security is seen as a boon to technology companies working in the security space, according to an article in today’s