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Summary of Homeland Security Department Act

Sep 12, 20021 min
CSO and CISOData and Information Security

This massive bill proposes a re-organization of a number of federal departments and agencies along with the creation of many executive level positions. Included in those new positions are a Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security, an Undersecretary for Information Analysis and Infrastructure Protection and an Undersecretary for Border and Transportation Security.

The bill also proposes the creation of grants and other funding for research into information security and the creation of a National Council of First Responders. Tasks given to these First Responders include developing a plan on the best way to disseminate critical information and identifying and educating the department on the latest technological advances. A proposed NET Guard will assist local communities respond and recover from attacks on information systems and communications networks.

To read Senates version of this bill, click here and search for S. 1534