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Homeland Security to Get Only Summary Intelligence; Feds Rest DMCA Case; Silicon Valley Trade Secret Theft

Dec 06, 20021 min
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Homeland Security to Get Only Summary Intelligence

The Bush administration is wrestling with issues involving the sharing of information among federal agencies such as the FBI, CIA and the new Department of Homeland Security, according to an article in today’s Washington Post. The Post reports that intelligence agencies have persuaded the White House that they should provide Homeland Security only with summary reports.Feds Rest DMCA CaseDigitalMASS. The story reports that the Russian programmer who developed the program claimed that he had done so to demonstrate the weakness of the pdf format.

In the government’s first prosecution under the 1998 Digital Millenium Copyright Act, prosecutors have rested their case against a Russian company that sold software allowing users to circumvent the security of Adobe’s electonic book, according to a story published on

Silicon Valley Trade Secret Theft

Two men have been charged with stealing trade secrets from four Silicon Valley companies, allegedly hoping to use the information to start a company in China, according to a story in the Mercury News.