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Secret Satellites Behind Schedule; Scammers Go After eBay Users; Homeland Security Creates e-Learning Group

Dec 11, 20021 min
CSO and CISOData and Information Security

Secret Satellites Behind ScheduleWashington Post reports that a secret program to develop the next generation of spy satellites is so far behind schedule that it could harm the war on terrorism. the Post reports that the program, called Future Imagery Architecture, may require an additional $900 million, which would have to be taken from other programs.


Scammers Go After eBay UsersDigitalMASS. The story reports that the site, called, sent e-mails to eBay users asking them to confirm billing information.

A group of scammers have set up a fake eBay-like website, hoping to steal credit card information from eBay users, according to a story in today’s

Homeland Security Creates e-Learning GroupFederal Computer Week. FCW reports that the office intends to train state and local agencies and other first responders.

The Office of Homeland Security hopes to use e-learning tools for internal and external training, according to a story in today’s