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sarah d_scalet
Senior Editor

A MySpace Time Line

Mar 01, 20071 min
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Key events in the evolution of the social networking phenomenon

January 2004

Official site launch of MySpace

February 2004

1 million members

November 2004

5 million members

October 2005

$580 million acquisition by News Corporation

May 2006

Hemanshu Nigam hired as CSO

June 2006 80 million members • MySpace announces it will block adults from contacting 14- and 15-year-olds without knowing their

e-mail address or full name, make privacy settings available for all users, and block alcohol and tobacco ads for underage users

August 2006

100 million members

October 2006

• Wired reports that hundreds of registered sex offenders have created MySpace pages using their own names

December 2006 135 million members • Worm using QuickTime exploit spreads through MySpace

• MySpace announces a plan for blocking convicted sex offenders from the site

January 2007 • Four families sue MySpace, claiming their underage daughters were sexually abused by adults they met on the site

• MySpace announces that it’s developing free software that parents can use to monitor public information their children post at the site

February 2007

150 million members