UK Cyber Security Council invites applicants for outreach and diversity working group

The new UK Cyber Security Council working group focuses on raising awareness of careers in cybersecurity and supporting the recruitment, retention, and progression of minorities.

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The UK Cyber Security Council is inviting applicants for a new working group focused on outreach and diversity in cybersecurity. The council said the group will play an integral role in raising awareness of available careers in cybersecurity along with sharing best practices to support the recruitment, retention, and progression of minorities within the sector. This comes as part of the council’s mission to promote cybersecurity as a career option for people of all ages and backgrounds in the UK, removing barriers to entering or progressing in the profession.

Experience in equality, diversity and inclusion, cybersecurity qualifications, STEM outreach

The UK Cyber Security Council is looking for a diverse group of individuals with experience and/or knowledge in a number of areas. These include:

  • Experience developing or leading STEM outreach activities within schools, colleges, universities or community groups
  • Experience in supporting widening participation initiatives for both young people and adults
  • Lived experience or in-depth understanding of the barriers faced by minority groups within the cybersecurity sector
  • Experience coordinating/supporting equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) initiatives within UK-based organisations with a focus on gender, ethnicity or neurodiversity.
  • Knowledge of different pathways and qualifications for a career in cybersecurity (e.g., apprenticeships, university degrees, professional qualifications)

The council added that successful candidates will be expected to commit to the working group from July 2022 to September 2023, contributing 5 to 10 hours of time per month. “We will be recruiting candidates from the UK Cyber Security Council’s membership for the working group in this cycle of applications,” the council wrote on its website. “We will also be looking for a number of advisory roles to fill any skills gaps by individuals from relevant non-members such as schools/colleges or organisations specialising in equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI). This is fundamental to our over-arching aim to strive for true diversity and inclusion in everything we do.”

Applications close at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, July 6, and can be made via email.

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