UK government opens applications for Cyber Security Advisory Board

UK government is seeking candidates with cybersecurity expertise to support the development of its Cyber Security Strategy.

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The UK government has opened applications for membership of the Government Cyber Security Advisory Board (GCSAB). The GCSAB will build on the success of the External Challenge Panel that brought industry and academic perspectives to support the development of the government’s Cyber Security Strategy, which was launched in January 2022 to help building a cyber resilient public sector. The GCSAB will comprise of independent, external experts to build better links between government, the private sector, and academia, providing perspectives and input on addressing the challenges of government cybersecurity.

UK government seeks candidates with specific cybersecurity expertise

The UK government is inviting candidates with cybersecurity expertise, competence or knowledge in the areas of strategy, standards and assurance; governance, risk and management programme delivery; cyber detection and response technology; and cyber skills and culture to submit Expressions of Interest (EoI) for membership of the GCSAB, it stated in a posting on its website. “The GCSAB will gather individual expertise in cybersecurity from industry and academia. We are not seeking expressions of interest from organisations, although we welcome candidates who can leverage the knowledge and experience that comes from their organisations themselves.”

The objectives of the GCSAB will be to:

  1. Support the government to keep on track to achieve the GCSS aim of ensuring all government organisations across the whole public sector being resilient to known vulnerabilities and attack methods no later than 2030.
  2. Aid the long-term improvement of government cybersecurity by providing advice, expertise, and guidance, along with additional programme resource where required.
  3. Bring depth and experience across multiple fields with a diversity of viewpoints to improve policy making by providing solutions to problems and challenges.
  4. Identify solutions and proposals on how to achieve the 24 GCSS outcomes.
  5. Ensure government is leveraging industry expertise to deliver on the goals of the strategy.

The government said the GCSAB will meet virtually every two months. The deadline for receipt of applications is 11:59 p.m. on June 6, 2022, and applications/queries should be sent via email.


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