12 CISO resolutions for 2022

What are the top security priorities for the year ahead? Here’s what CISOs across industries say are their main objectives.

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Baybeck says he plans to take this approach not only with technologies and processes within his security operations but with his staff, too. He says that he, like most others, has had turnover on his team. And he has seen shifts in the skills he needs on staff. So, he’s taking time to re-evaluate positions to identify which professionals need what new skills and which roles need to evolve. For example, he decided to morph some vacant compliance-focused positions into engineering and developer jobs focused on delivering more automation, controls, and devsecops work—all of which better meet the company’s current and future security needs than the compliance roles.

12. Prepare people for the future

Jenai Marinkovic is also looking ahead, saying her main professional resolution for 2022 is to get security people ready for the future world.

Jenai Marinkovic, virtual CISO and CTO, Tiro Security Tiro Security

Jenai Marinkovic, virtual CISO and CTO, Tiro Security

She sees three main areas to address.

First, she wants to get security folks ready to work and engage in intelligent ecosystems (for example, a metaverse environment) and to secure them. That means understanding how to interact, communicate, and present in this new world; it also means understanding how both the technology and the people using it operate so security concerns can be anticipated and addressed.

Second, she wants help them be experts in humans—that means being great at communication and collaboration, working as part of a team, and understanding user-centered design.

And third, she wants security professionals to become more focused on business continuity, “to be able to decompose business processes and the systems that support them, because becoming really good at doing that is going to be key for surviving [a cyber incident].”

Marinkovic has started training teams on principle components within those three broad areas of need through her role providing virtual CISO services through Tiro Security; as executive director of the GRC for Intelligent Ecosystems (GRCIE), a nonprofit corporation that provides mentorship, mental support, and educational enrichment for women, BIPOC and veterans throughout the United States; and as a member of ISACA’s Emerging Trends Working Group.

“The goal,” she adds, “is to get our people ready for a future that is already here.”


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