E-government: Australia experiences the risks while seeking better digital identity methods

Not all government services are handling citizen credentials well even as digital services grow, but Services Australia is working to change that.

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E-government is a welcome phenomenon for citizens, proving moer convenient digital services. It’s also welcome by cybercriminals, who take advantage of cirtizen’s poor identity hygiene, worsened as identity verification becomes complex, to steal their data.

That’s why Services Australia is on a mission to make e-government services more secure without burdening citizens further through improved digital identiy methods.

South Australia sees digital licences as an attack vector

South Australia government authorities have disabled the passwords of more than 2,000 users of its digital driver’s licence service, as the government authority warned that poor password hygiene had enabled citizens’ accounts to be accessed by cybercriminals during a recent credential-stuffing campaign.

The news emerged this month as the state’s Department for Infrastructure and Transport advised that the hacking of a “separate, unrelated website” had provided a list of passwords that had been reused by cybercriminals attempting to access its mySA GOV services.

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