Avery Dennison overhauls DLP program in enterprise-wide effort

The company’s DataSafe initiative marries technology improvements and a new enterprise-wide security mindset.

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Metamorworks / Getty Images

Avery Dennison had to confront a typical challenge: how to best protect its significant, and quickly growing, volume of data.

The 86-year-old multinational company has accumulated 55 million-plus files, which its 30,000 employees use and share among themselves and external collaborators across 60 countries to get their jobs done.

Safeguarding such an expansive stash is a tremendous task, as any CISO can appreciate, and it’s one that could easily swamp a security team.

But Senior Director and Information Secuity Officer Jeremy Smith and his staff have allies in tackling that task, thanks to Avery Dennison’s DataSafe initiative.

DataSafe enlists all employees in an enterprise-wide effort to protect company data by asking them to consider the safeguards needed from the time a file is created through all its stages of use. DataSafe then combines its human resources with well-articulated controls and intelligent security software, completing the lauded people-process-technology framework for transformation.

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