California state CISO: the goal is “operating as a whole government”

Partnerships with other state entities elevate security capabilities and enhance information sharing to provide better security overall, says California state CISO Vitaliy Panych.

Vitaliy Panych, CISO, State of California
State of California

The State of California experiences more than 200 million malicious probes every day – the equivalent of nearly 139,000 malicious correlated events per second

And they’re gunning for what may be the largest collection of digital information assets in the United States.

California CISO Vitaliy Panych is charged with safeguarding it all.

The way he sees it: “Our mission is to keep all Californians online and in business by enabling our government agencies to continuously enhance [our] security posture through effective oversight and provide scalable mitigation capabilities to keep up with all threats against their privacy and our ability to serve our residents.”

It’s a monumental task, but there’s a firm structure in place to effectively manage the mission.

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