Competing security priorities are challenging ‘frazzled’ Australian CISOs

Cybersecurity literacy, not technology, is the biggest headache for security leaders.

The rush to invest in cybersecurity tools is creating drag on digital transformation, analysts have warned as new figures suggest “frazzled” Australian CISOs are feeling strain due to the ongoing challenges of the cybersecurity skills deficit, fatigued security teams, vulnerabilities in legacy systems, and other everyday challenges.

Security leaders named cybersecurity awareness training as their top investment priority over the next 12 months, Australian research and advisory firm Adapt noted in a newly released report, which also found that the lack of in-house security skills was perceived as the biggest barrier to progressing with cybersecurity initiatives.

Fully 85% of respondents claimed they were struggling due to a lack of skills and—despite recent Gartner findings that 65% of Australian workers consider themselves ‘savvy’ with digital technologies—nearly as many Adapt respondents named security awareness and budget constraints as their two other biggest sources of stress.

The results confirm that skills, people, and budget remain the major operational challenges impeding better corporate cybersecurity postures.

Why cybersecurity leaders are ‘frazzled’

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