How the skills shortage puts Australia at risk of cyberattacks

The skills shortage in cybersecurity means professionals in the area have less time to spend on configuring systems properly, increasing the chances of cybersecurity incidents. Here’s what can be done.

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A shortage of cybersecurity professionals in Australia means an increase in risk of incidents, according to a recent study by global security standards and certifications organisation ISC2. The survey found that skills shortages meant a 32% increase in misconfigured systems.

And this was not the only problem the report identified.

The ISC2 Cybersecurity Workforce Study found the lack of professionals also means there is not enough time for proper risk assessment and management. Other concerning issues include slowness to patch critical systems, oversights in process and procedures, inability to remain aware of all active threats against a network, and rushed deployments.

ISC2 spoke to 143 cybersecurity professionals in Australia. The 2021 survey marked the first time it asked participants to share the negative effects of staff shortages. The study found that the list of issues cybersecurity professionals say can be prevented with enough people covers many root causes of reported data breaches and ransomware attacks.

What is being done to solve the cybersecurity skills shortage

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