Reddit’s Allison Miller builds trust through transparency

Miller joined the social media company in February 2021, assuming a range of responsibilities, from security and privacy to trust and safety, that reflect broadening of the CISO position itself—a role she summarizes as “keeping shenanigans from impacting a good user experience.”

Allison Miller, CISO and vice president of trust, Reddit

Allison Miller’s official title—CISO and vice president of trust—says a lot about her role and responsibilities at Reddit.

Like all CISOs, Miller oversees the cybersecurity strategy and operations at the 16-year-old company. She’s also in charge of privacy, ensuring that Reddit safeguards data against illicit uses and unauthorized access.

But unlike many other security chiefs, Miller is specifically tasked with safety, too, a job she summarizes as “keeping shenanigans from impacting a good user experience.” She also manages workers who help enforce company policies regarding content posted on its community sites.

All of that, Miller explains, falls under the umbrella of the trust in her title—an unusual titular recognition of the broadening scope of security work that’s happening today.

But an accurate one, Miller says, as she considers building trust a core part of her duties, something that shapes how she’s leading her team and how they together can impact the business itself as she devises strategy for security, safety, privacy and trust.

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