How Imdex got control of its logs

The Australian mining-tech firm wanted to look at its logs collectively rather than try to correlate instances manually. So it turned to SIEM.

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Headquartered in Western Australia, Imdex is a global mining-technology company with about 700 employees. The publicly listed organisation needed not only to ensure its internal systems were protected but also that the systems it develops and are used by its customers are safe and always available.

With Australia being a playground for cyberattacks where often it is an external party or law-enforcement organisation that informs the affected party that its data has been found somewhere in a public forum, organisations must be alert and in control of their systems.

sameera bandara imdex Imdex

Sameera Bandara, general manager of cybersecurity and enterprise architecture, Imdex

“I strongly believe that if any company thinks that they are immune to a cybersecurity attack, they’re delusional,” says Sameera Bandara, Imdex’s general manager of cybersecurity and enterprise architecture. “I think it’s very important being able to detect anything unusual, and then being able to respond quickly. For me, just correlating all the logs from the different sources, and just setting it up in a way so that we get an alert if there’s any suspicious activity, instead of us having to manually go into all of these different systems, has been a big advantage as well.”

Imdex was looking for one customisable application for log analysis

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