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Google launches Secure AI Framework to help secure AI technology

The SAIF is designed to help mitigate risks specific to AI systems like model theft, training data poisoning, and malicious injections.

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Cybersecurity startups to watch for in 2023

These startups are jumping in where most established security vendors have yet to go.

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ACT government falls victim to Barracuda’s ESG vulnerability

The ACT government revealed it is responding to a security breach in the e-mail gateway system provided by Barracuda with the potential of personal information being impacted.


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North Korean APT group targets email credentials in social engineering campaign

The Kimsuky group is adept at building relationships at target organizations to more easily deliver malware and steal credentials.

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Google Cloud launches Cryptomining Protection Program

Google Cloud Cryptomining Protection Program is part of the Security Command Center Premium service to help users detect cryptomining attacks.

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Kyndryl unveils incident response and forensics service, AWS threat intelligence collaboration

Kyndryl’s new CSIRF service will help customers prepare for and respond to threats while its partnership with AWS will provide insights and security intelligence.

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Guardz releases AI-powered phishing protection solution for SMEs, MSPs

Solution combines email security, web browsing protection, perimeter posture, and awareness culture to help tackle phishing attacks.

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BastionZero releases SplitCert for password-free authentication and access

Initial release of SplitCert supports password-less, certificate-based access to popular databases Postgres and MongoDB.

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Barracuda urges customers to replace vulnerable appliances immediately

A patch for the vulnerability, which has been exploited since October 2022, had been issued by Barracuda last month to stop the exploit from allowing ESG backdooring.

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Clop extortion gang gives MOVEit exploit victims one week to reach out

At least 20 organizations have been compromised by Clop's MOVEit exploit, according to new research.


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Network Perception wants to give more visibility into OT networks

Operational technology visibility and compliance vendor Network Perception has upgraded its capabilities, adding faster and more detailed analysis of OT networks.

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Cisco spotlights generative AI in security, collaboration

Cisco Security Cloud and Webex will sport new features supported by its home-grown generative AI.

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Sysdig adds “end-to-end” detection and response to CNAPP

Cloud security vendor says consolidation will help customers detect threats across workloads, identities, cloud services, and third-party applications.

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New tool enables team collaboration on security case management

With Cases, security teams can collaborate on security incidents to manage anomalies and effect remediation.

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Over 60,000 Android apps infected with adware-pushing malware

While currently used to push adware, the campaign can redirect users to other types of malware, such as banking Trojans, to steal credentials and financial information or ransomware.