Trust Transformation – Creating a Robust Security Culture Built for Tomorrow’s IT Leaders

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Trust is empowerment and making the modern day ‘identity for the internet’ journey as secure as possible is paramount to enterprise success. IT leaders know every person has the right to safely manage and navigate technology. Okta provides the secure front door strategies that bring simple and reliable access to people and organizations everywhere.

Okta European Forum 21 Event Opening Keynote Address—Strategies to Create Trust, a Discussion with Philipp Kristian, Author of RESET and The Trust Economy

Trust is at the center of productivity and human collaboration.

Businesses that implement trust within their workforce can improve productivity, team-work, and overall performance.

Organizations need to build a trusted and trustworthy future with technology. This on-demand webcast discusses why trust should be a top business priority and why identity is central to modernizing digital experiences.

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New Security Culture—The Future of Digital Trust with Derek Gordon, PwC Director, Identity & Access Management UK

The workspace environment is evolving, and hybrid workspace must consider where people work that incorporates well-being, comfort, and technology.

More organizations are reevaluating how they work to ensure they remain productive, secure, resilient, and agile. And as an increasing number of digital services are being used, it makes digital trust more important than ever before.

This on-demand webcast discusses the future of digital trust and how organizations can provide enhanced experiences and services.

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The Future CIO: Creators of Resilience, Orchestrators of Innovation, Custodians of Trust with Duncan Brown, Vice President, Enterprise Research Europe

The pandemic hit hard for many IT leaders and their organizations, but those who were able to remain resilient believe it was due to good luck rather than forward planning.

The number one challenge for CIOs globally is to plan for future resilience. Digital resilience is the ability to rapidly adapt to business disruptions by leveraging digital capabilities to restore business capabilities and capitalize on the changed conditions.

 This on-demand webcast discusses how CIOs can lead their organization from crisis response to a digitally resilient business. 

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Meeting the Demands of the Modern Workforce: New Working Practices – A Discussion with Angela Salmeron, Future of Work Practice Lead at IDC

Companies need to become digitally fit to thrive in this new era of enterprise. However, companies won’t succeed in the future unless they place people first.

Throughout your digital journey, employee-first digital strategies will help to create innovation, resiliency, and continuity. No matter how much you invest in technology, employees have to come first and foremost in that journey.

This on-demand webcast discusses designing a culture of trust: are you a manager or a leader?

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Ian Lowe, Okta’s Head of Industry Solutions, EMEA Explores Meeting the Demands of the Modern Workforce: How do You Establish Trust @ Work?

Establishing and building trust is a slow process, one that can be undone overnight by a data breach.

Identity and trust are intimately connected and yet they are incredibly fragile in the digital world. Identity sits at the center of establishing trust, and trust is at the heart of delivering great experiences. Trust is all about enabling workforces and allowing them the freedom to work from wherever.

This on-demand webcast discusses why the future of work will be from anywhere and how businesses can establish trust at work.

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The New Security Culture with Okta’s Ben King, Chief Security Officer, EMEA

There are three key trends enterprises should be conscious of; the world is becoming increasingly digital, infosec as a discipline is hard, and the threat landscape is moving fast.

Each of these trends have been accelerating in velocity and complexity in the past 18 months, largely due to the pandemic and changing behaviors. In order to navigate these trends, businesses should better understand the changing risk posture and how to secure the user.

This on-demand webcast discusses how organizations can get to a more sustainable and more acceptable risk posture.

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Security as a Support Not a Barrier: A Discussion with Liz Cocker, Identity Service Manager, ITV

 In today’s business climate, security controls put in place must support people and not become a barrier to organizational productivity or efficiency.

Security has become a lot more prevalent in everyone’s thought process, not just IT leaders. It’s the collective responsibility to think about how organizations keep control and secure all sectors across the board—and automation is key to this development.

This on-demand webcast discusses ITV’s output as a production company and its ever-focused eye to securing their global dissemination effort in the broadcast environment.

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Future Ready Hybrid IT: A Discuss with Joshua Kroeze, Senior Director, Solutions Engineering, Okta

In 2020, COVID-19 accelerated IT digital transformation whether you were ready for it or not. This is both an exciting and challenging time for IT leaders.

Fact: the world is now hybrid; organizations have systems on-premises and in the cloud—and this is likely to stay for years to come. 

This on-demand webcast takes a closer look at how industry has become more digitally complex and how identity has evolved as a key player.

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Okta European Forum 21 Closing Sessions – The Croix Rouge (French ‘Red Cross’) Approach to IT Security with Yves Couturier, Director of Information Services

Information technology is something a business cannot work without.

It is not possible to achieve accelerated efficiency or long-term mission success without IT’s help. Croix Rouge, the French Red Cross, works with a large number of volunteers, making it critically important to effectively oversee use management, user lifecycle, and security.

This on-demand webcast discusses the role of identity and trust in Croix Rouge’s approach to security and how Okta helped them enable trust through technology

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