10 security tools all remote employees should have

Compromised employee personal devices and accounts can disrupt and possibly threaten business security. Getting these tools into their hands will help.

iPhone security

It’s no secret that humans are the biggest vulnerability to any corporate network. Whether it’s an inability to properly manage password complexity across multiple systems, poor social media habits, or even a lack of awareness with things like email links, online shopping, or app and software usage.

A major problem for businesses, particularly in a post-COVID world with so many people working remotely, is the fact that these security challenges employees face extend very easily to their personal devices, while your visibility and control as corporate IT does not. The trick of course is finding a way to help employees protect themselves as a means to better protect corporate resources while maintaining a budget and avoiding invasions of privacy.

One way to do that is to encourage employee use of personal security tools like those listed below. Organizations might even pay for them or offer incentives for employees to purchase on their own.

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