2022 CSO30 ASEAN awards: Call for nominations

Honouring inspiring cybersecurity leaders across Southeast Asia and Hong Kong.

cso30 asean awards

CSO ASEAN is proud to launch the second edition of the CSO30 ASEAN awards in 2022, recognising the top 30 cybersecurity executives driving innovation, strengthening resiliency, and influencing industry change.

In 2022, the CSO30 ASEAN awards will be judged based on the core pillars of business value and leadership. Judges will assess cybersecurity innovations introduced over the past two years that have improved an organisation’s security and operations, as well as how a cybersecurity leader has demonstrated leadership both within the organisation and across the wider community.

CSO30 ASEAN awards entry criteria

The CSO30 ASEAN awards will host the most innovative, resilient, and influential cybersecurity executives across Southeast Asia and Hong Kong, documenting best practices while outlining common business challenges and key priorities ahead.

The awards are open to technology leaders who are responsible for their organisation’s cybersecurity vision and direction in Southeast Asia or Hong Kong.

The 2022 CSO ASEAN questionnaire seeks to determine:

  • Cybersecurity-led initiatives that have added value to how an organisation manages threat levels.
  • Why the innovations were unique in the marketplace.
  • The efforts to ensure collaboration with the wider organisation and leadership team in relation to cybersecurity.
  • The approach to create a positive internal cybersecurity culture.

Nominations are now open and run until Friday, 16 September 2022. Submissions are free of charge and can be self-nominated or nominated on behalf of someone else—follow the link or download the CSO30 ASEAN awards submission form to participate.

The CSO30 ASEAN awards will be judged based on a uniform set of criteria set by the CSO ASEAN editorial board. Submissions will be confidentially assessed by a panel of judges spanning cybersecurity leaders, industry experts, analysts, and academics. This year will also see the introduction of two individual awards, acknowledging CISO excellence across business value and leadership.

The word count for responses to questions under each of the two pillars—business value and leadership—should be no more than 800 words per section (1,600 words in total for both pillars).

The 2022 CSO30 ASEAN award winners will be unveiled during a virtual celebration on 17 November 2022, alongside dedicated editorial streams in partnership with IDC to deep-dive into CISO strategies for future innovation, resiliency, and growth.


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