How to Secure the Modern Customer Experience

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Learn how to counter the slow erosion of customer trust brought on by cyber threats.

Securely Accelerate Digital Transformation and Customer Experiences Through Modern Identity

Derive key insights from Okta-BeyondID joint customers as they discuss how modern identity helps them adapt to the challenges a digital-first world.

This session will focus on how to accelerate business transformation in a way that keeps cybersecurity and excellent digital experiences as top priorities. Learn about each digital transformation journey as we cover both common and unique challenges, roadmaps, strategy, and successes and lessons learned.

Learn about cloud-delivered security for the next generation of mobile work. Watch the video here.

How to Achieve Zero Trust Data Protection in the Cloud

Zero Trust Data Protection is a critical building block of a true Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) architecture.

As a critical building block of a true Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) architecture, Zero Trust Data Protection delivers security based on context and continuous risk management, allowing conditional access controls to be defined based on data sensitivity, app risk, user behavior risk, and other factors. 

Join Netskope and Anthem to learn why data protection is about context and how to manage data access based on who the user is and what the user is trying to do. We’ll explore how to apply Zero Trust principles to update ineffective approaches to DLP, protect data in the cloud, and make the right investments to achieve the most effective SASE architecture for networking and security.

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The Anywhere Employee Workspace

VMware Workspace ONE®, in partnership with Okta, delivers the best-in-class capabilities required for today’s anywhere workforce.

In this session, you will learn how to deliver an experience hub with simplified remote employee onboarding, self-service, and employee workflows. Using Factor-Based Device Trust you can secure it on any device OS and enrollment type for a zero-trust world. You’ll also learn how other organizations take advantage of workspaces and you’ll receive valuable deployment tips from VMware experts.

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Anchoring Digital Trust with Real Identity

Real-world stories of how organizations around the world are rebuilding trust online.

Now more than ever, digital trust is what makes the world go round. Why? Because the global pandemic has created a dramatic shift to online everything. At the same time, digital transformation has accelerated – what started as strategic plans were suddenly implemented overnight.

On top of all this, cyber fraudsters have become increasingly active and innovative. In this session, we’ll share real-world stories of how organizations around the world are rebuilding trust online by anchoring a user’s digital presence to their real identity. 

Watch this informative session here.

MLB Combines Okta and OneTrust to Earn Audience Trust Through Consent Management

Follow along on the Major League Baseball’s journey to transparent customer experiences.

In this session, you’ll learn about the Major League Baseball’s journey to transparent customer experiences and earning audience trust. By leveraging Okta and OneTrust, MLB enhanced the digital customer experience.

From website cookies to mobile application consent, MLB ensures they are compliant with privacy regulations while respecting customers’ data choices. Experts from the MLB will share insights into the key challenges they faced, and the lessons learned from working with OneTrust and Okta. ​

Click here to watch the video and learn more.

The Role of Security Executives in Building Customer Trust

While organizations are accelerating their digital transformations at an unprecedented pace, the steep rise in data security breaches and the spread of mis/dis-information are gradually contributing to the erosion of customer trust.

In this session Sean Joyce, PwC's Global and US Leader for Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Forensics, offers insights into the role that security executives play in rebuilding customer trust. 

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Mobile Worker Security or User Experience - How About Both?

Future-proofing your mobile worker strategy is critical.

Remote working is here to stay, even if how it looks will change over time. It's time to get serious about treating remote access as a primary means of accessing company resources, making security and end user experience compromises unrealistic.

Future-proofing your mobile worker strategy is critical – but with true Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) and digital experience management (DEM), Palo Alto Networks is redefining cloud-delivered security for the next generation of mobile work.

Watch the session here.

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