HSBC CISO champions neurodiversity awareness in cybersecurity

HSBC’s CISO for Asia Pacific Jonathan Scott-Lee discusses his aims as the organization’s ambassador for neurodiversity, the importance of neurodiversity in cybersecurity and cultivating a more neurodiverse technology sector.

Jonathan Scott-Lee, CISO at HSBC

Neurodiversity within cybersecurity is progressively becoming a topic of regular, meaningful discussion across the sector. Despite chronic workforce shortages within the industry, neurodiverse individuals are typically underrepresented in cybersecurity roles and so are regularly a vastly untapped source of potentially hireable and skilled talent.

Research suggests the more diverse a workforce is in terms of thought process and problem-solving approaches, the more holistically effective its output can be under the correct circumstances. It is therefore important and increasingly common for organizations to place focus and resources on addressing recruitment, developmental, and cultural issues to better attract, support, and progress neurodiverse people within their workforces.

Jonathan Scott-Lee is CISO for Asia Pacific at HSBC and has recently volunteered to be the bank’s regional ambassador for neurodiversity within digital business services teams across Asia Pacific. He is also the deputy chairman of the Cybersecurity Committee at the Asia Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association, an independent, regional trade association with over 150 member firms comprising a range of leading financial institutions. Scott-Lee previously held a part-time role as an adjunct senior research fellow at the National University of Singapore, researching the regulation of fintech. He began his career as a computer scientist specializing in machine learning and, after a few years working as a technologist in high-frequency trading, he retrained with a master’s degree in law.

Speaking to CSO, Scott-Lee discusses his key priorities as the regional ambassador for neurodiversity and reflects on the wider issues of neurodiversity within the cybersecurity sector.

How does it feel to be the Asia Pacific ambassador for neurodiversity?

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