Harness the Power of Predictive Analytics to Protect Your Endpoints

HP TechPulse delivers IT insights that help predict and prevent device problems before they happen.

HP security

In today’s distributed-workforce environment, employees are scattered here, there, and everywhere — and so are their PCs. Making sure devices stay up and running is more critical, and more challenging, than ever before. With HP’s Pro Security Service, powered by the TechPulse1 platform, you proactively find and prevent issues now, so they don’t cause employee downtime later.

The cloud-based TechPulse platform powers many HP service offerings, going beyond just data to provide relevant, AI-driven insights that guide better decision-making:

  • Aggregates critical data from your endpoint devices and applications, then puts it at your fingertips in a single dashboard
  • Gives you the information you need to make smarter tech purchasing decisions, aligned to your evolving workplace needs
  • Helps you see and fix issues before they impact employees and your business

3 Ways HP TechPulse helps you stay ahead of changing workforce needs

  1. Access data-driven insights at your fingertips. Get control of billions of health data points from millions of remote endpoints—no matter the vendor or OS. After HP TechPulse aggregates device data, the cloud-based dashboard pulls it into a single, easy-to-use view.
  2. Identify issues before they impact employees. Your employees aren’t up and running unless their endpoints are. Watch your queue of help-desk tickets shrink when HP TechPulse proactively scans the horizon of telemetry data on device health, security, and application updates to identify systems at risk — alerting IT in time to resolve issues before they cause productivity-draining user downtime.
  3. Make informed technology investments. Think deeply about the tools that your workers really need for the jobs they do. AI-driven insights from HP TechPulse help you tailor your tech investments to put the right devices, software, and services in the hands of your people — so they can stay productive and engaged.

Know more and do more

Having an executive mandate to modernize your computing environment is one thing, but having the time, budget, and skilled staff to get it done is another. By partnering with HP Services, you’ll get both deep, usable predictive insights from HP TechPulse and expert guidance on what to do with them. You’ll get real-time monitoring and alerts that help you head off downtime before it happens, plus reporting that helps you make more employee-focused purchasing decisions.

Learn how HP TechPulse helps you better manage remote endpoint devices at www.hp.com/techpulse

1 HP TechPulse is a telemetry and analytics platform that provides critical data around devices and applications and is not sold as a standalone service. HP TechPulse follows stringent GDPR privacy regulations and is ISO 27001 certified for Information Security. Internet access with connection to Tech Pulse portal is required. For full system requirements, please visit http://www.hpdaas. com/requirements.


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