The latest cyberattacks, including on Nine Network, once again show how unprepared Australia is

4 major cybersecurity breaches underscore that despite much money and talk, Australian organisations remain fairly easy targets for cybercriminals.

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She may have spent years driving Australia’s science and technology agenda, but Karen Andrews’s escalation to Home Affairs minister will be a trial by fire as she inherits the investigation, cleanup, and attribution of four major cybersecurity breaches on her first days on the job.

National broadcaster Nine Network was hobbled by a major ransomware breach on Sunday, 28 March 2021, shutting down its production systems and forcing the company to revert to backup procedures as its Sydney studios went offline, preventing the broadcasting of a range of content.

The Nine Network cyberattack’s damage done

CEO Mike Sneesby told staff that the attack “was significant in scale with high potential to disrupt our business” as the major news and current-affairs producer investigated the breach with help from government authorities—including the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) that now falls under Andrews’s purview after a major Morrison government ministerial reshuffle.

The team was “confident our technology teams have isolated the attacker and the specific destructive activity that was initiated,” Nine’s chief information and technology officer Damian Cronan said, citing the success of a containment strategy that keeps each internal network separate from the others.

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