8 new roles today’s security team needs

Demand for cybersecurity professionals remains sky-high. Make sure you're hiring for the right roles.

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There's an estimated 500,000 unfilled cybersecurity positions in the United States today, including 166,000 jobs for information security analysts—the profession’s most common job title.

And those figures are likely to increase.

According to PwC’s Global Digital Trust Insights 2021, 51% of responding executives said they plan to add full-time security personnel in the upcoming year, with 22% increasing their staffing by 5% or more.

Enterprise teams continue to need security analysts and security engineers, and penetration testers—all roles that are staples in many security departments. Now, though, organizations are looking to expand their security ranks with other positions, carve out new roles, and add new titles.

Here, experts offer their thoughts on eight roles that they see as key for IT security in 2021.

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