CISO playbook: 3 steps to breaking in a new boss

As CISOs know all too well, change is inevitable—and that includes organizational regime change. Here, security leaders share their best advice for starting new C-suite relationships off on the right foot.

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Building rapport with upper management is challenging in the best of times. With a long list of wishes and constraints, a finite budget, and varying degrees of leadership support, CISOs shoulder the responsibility of relationship building at the highest levels of their organizations.

What happens when those relationships disappear and you're left having to justify a security strategy supported by your new boss’s predecessor?

Here, three security leaders share their hard-won wisdom on navigating new, evolving, and unexpected C-suite relationships.

Establish your base

The security leaders CSO spoke with for this article cite frequent and open communication as the number one factor in advancing and preserving their initiatives with new or changing management. Time and effort spent on developing strong relationships across various roles and parts of the business provides a ready source of support and validation when presenting plans to new leadership.

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