4 top deception tools and how they ensnare attackers

Deception tools have come a long way in a few years and can now more closely emulate real network activity and help security teams identify and stop attacks.

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A few years ago, many deception technology companies were in the process of adding advanced features like cloud integration, artificial intelligence (AI) and automation to their platforms to combat increasingly advanced threats. The upgraded defenses were necessary because skilled attackers were starting to unmask and circumvent classic deception tricks like dropping breadcrumbs pointing at fictitious, static assets. Today, deception technology again has the upper hand and can deploy a labyrinth of realistic looking but fake assets that act very much like the real thing.

The upgraded effort to lure and ultimately ensnare even the most advanced hackers is being led by several companies with deception platforms at the forefront of this still-emerging technology. The following are four of the most advanced and innovative deception tools available today.

Acalvio Shadowplex

The Shadowplex platform from Acalvio was designed from the ground up for use in enterprise environments. The company does not just look at typical IT devices like computers, printers and file servers as part of that potential enterprise. Shadowplex can also protect internet of things (IoT) sensors and devices, and even industrial control centers that make up much of the operational technology (OT) landscape.

In the case of both IoT and OT devices, having a layer of deception technology to protect them is critical because many have limited or no native security on their own. This also makes it a good choice for something like a healthcare environment, where it can mimic things like desktop computers alongside medical devices, luring attackers into either one, depending on their interest.

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