Silo for Safe Access: A more secure web browser for some use cases

Authentic8's Silo is a sandboxed web browser designed to protect users and systems from malicious code. It can be a more secure option than VPNs or virtual desktops in some cases.

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The web browser has become a key component in the corporate security landscape as many core business applications are now web-based. But browsers are troublesome to secure, and browser and web application use is difficult to monitor in a meaningful way. While individual web applications may offer some level of auditing, getting a holistic view of auditing for critical business apps is a pipe dream for most.

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The Silo browser

Silo for Safe Access from Authentic8 is a secure browser alternative that is intended to eliminate many of the risks inherent in accessing web-based business applications, while also bringing additional capabilities that IT security shops may not have available. Many of the security benefits Silo offers are rooted in the architecture: It’s a sandboxed browser running in a temporary session hosted in the cloud. Because it is isolated in this way, both the network and code are highly constrained; content such as files can be more easily protected and scanned, and auditing activity in web applications becomes a real possibility.

The two primary use cases Authentic8 has for Silo for Safe Access are accessing trusted web applications from untrusted devices (such as a home or public computer) and accessing untrusted web content from trusted devices. In either case the isolation Silo provides helps protect critical business infrastructure from malicious code. Authentic8 also offers Silo for Research, which is targeted at cybersecurity and investigative teams.

Getting started with Silo

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