6 ways CISO recruiting in the UK is broken

Hiring a CISO? Find the best candidate by avoiding these mistakes.

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CISOs and security professionals looking to take the next step up in their career will face fierce competition. The sheer number of applicants, complexity that the pandemic adds to the job, and recruiters who don’t entirely understand the CISO role mean finding the right position in 2020 can be a challenge.

Adam Drabik is an experienced CISO. Having worked in cybersecurity for over 20 years, including more than 10 as a CISO. he left his position as CISO of Opel Vauxhall Finance in April 2020 before starting as CISO at CyberProof in August. During his job search, Drabik faced poor job descriptions, unrealistic expectations, and difficult experiences with recruiters. “I can talk forever about how broken the recruitment industry is,” he says. “The experience, apart from a handful of organisations, has been really bad.

1. Inadequate review of CISO applications

While many companies are recruiting CISOs for the first time, the COVID pandemic has affected many companies’ recruiting plans. An ever-growing pool of CISOs and cybersecurity professionals means an appealing opening can receive hundreds of applications within a few days.

“You end up with only very few roles being available to you, they very rarely advertise and there is huge amount of competition for them,” says Drabik. “It's not just the people playing musical chairs, but also all the minus ones that want to make their move into the first CISO role. Who's going to read 600 CVs? The vast majority would be irrelevant but that gets into the sift right and the sift no longer works because it's overwhelmed and relevant applications can't be found.”

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