Top CISO jobs in the UK

A listing of the most current CISO and other top cybersecurity job openings available in the UK

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As the most senior cybersecurity position in business, the CISO role is one that many cybersecurity professionals aspire to reach. With more companies deciding they need a CISO to achieve their goals, there have never been more opportunities to become a cybersecurity leader. Those already in the role keen for a new challenge have an increasing number of options available to them.

The CISO role comes in many forms: smaller companies standing up their first dedicated security programs, larger companies needing a new CISO to innovate on established regimes, while others wanting a security leader to help achieve their compliance or certification objectives.

Below is a list of recent CISO and security leader job openings in the UK. CSO will keep an eye on available openings and update the list regularly.

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CISO, Proxymity, London

The CISO will be responsible for establishing, maintaining and overseeing the company’s security vision, strategy and program at digital investor communications platform Proxymity. Candidate will establish and deploy policies, procedures, technology and infrastructure to meet the security, compliance, risk, audit and governance needs of the company.

CISO, SuperAwesome, London

The CISO will be the primary point of contact for all data privacy and information security matters for kids digital media ecosystem SuperAwesome in the UK, Europe and in the US and also encompass the formal function of data protection officer.

CISO, The Quilter Group, London

This role will lead information security across financial services company Quilter, ensuring information security capabilities and active migration of cyber risk is fully aligned to the company’s risk appetite, whilst meeting the objectives of the group strategy and business as usual service demands across the group of businesses.

Head of cyber security, Department for International Trade (DIT), London

Working with the Digital, Data and Technology team (DDaT) and business colleagues to deliver services, you will be the lead on maintaining and improving an effective assurance process for IT systems, overseeing and improve security training and awareness for DIT staff to use modern systems, help DIT to exploit new technology to achieve its objectives securely manner, and managing the cyber team.

Director of information security, OVO, London

You will be accountable for information security at green energy company. This will include developing and maintaining the Information Security vision, strategy and operating model including policy, guidance, prevention, detection and response across the entire business.


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