CISO Q&A: How AvidXchange manages COVID-related threats and risk

Like many CISOs, Christina Quaine's team is supporting the payment processor's work-at-home employees and managing internal pandemic-specific risks. It also helps its mid-market customers meet new security challenges.

Christina Quaine, CISO, SVP Technology Operations, AvidXchange, Inc.
AvidXchange, Inc.

CSO caught up with Christina Quaine, the CISO of AvidXchange, a North Carolina-based payments processor that focuses on mid-market companies. We talked to her about how this mid-sized company, with 1,400 or so employees, has dealt with the changes wrought by the COVID pandemic. Given the company’s role in financial transactions, we were particularly keen to hear how the rise in coronavirus fraud instances were affecting her job. Below is a transcript of our conversation, edited for length and clarity.


What should CISOs focus on in the pandemic environment?

Quaine: The threat landscape has changed. We continue to see the need to up our game from a security standpoint and really pay attention to what is new out in the industry and what’s occurring in the new environment. People are taking advantage of all those COVID phishing attempts and how to get your check and all those great schemes.

Just being able to tie that into the education of our employees and making sure that they know what’s changing out there so they can be alerted and on high alarm when they receive these types of emails and aren’t victim to phishing attacks. I think that also plays into just ensuring that we have the right tools and controls in place.

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