The state of security hiring: Jobs, skills, and salaries

We look at the trends in cybersecurity hiring today, including the most in-demand jobs and skills and the hottest markets—and what it will take to attract and retain top talent.

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It is probably fair to say that times have always been good for information security job candidates. But as American companies emerge from the restrictions of COVID-19 and face a new workplace ‘normal,’ times are especially good for job seekers, with high demand, growing salaries, and lots of work-from-anywhere opportunities.

As to which jobs are in highest demand and where the job opportunities are most plentiful, the answer is pretty much across the board on both counts, says Terrell “TJ” Jackson, cyber security recruiting strategist at ConsultNet and deputy board director at the North Texas Information Systems Security Association (ISSA).

Still, it is clear that the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic are largely the driving force behind the dramatic increase in the infosec job market.

“The shift to remote work doubled the size of the remote workforce from the pre pandemic figures, and will have lasting implications,” says Peter Tsai, head of technology insights at Spiceworks, a professional network for IT pros based in Austin, TX. “The majority of IT professionals, including security professional, say that remote work makes it harder to secure devices and data, not to mention the issue of people who are connecting to their home networks with their devices. So it has created a lot more work for security professionals with just trying to secure all of these devices. There is a much larger attack surface now.”

“Also, ransomware has been in the headlines for several years, but attacks seem to be escalating. The demanded ransoms are getting bigger and the targets are getting more important. So that's probably the best advertisement you could have for the need for security professionals,” Tsai says.

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