Organizations Leverage Fortinet SaaS Offerings for Advanced Security and Simplified Management

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As organizations look to enhance their on-premises and cloud security, they need the proper tools in place that don’t introduce risks and complexities. A study from IDG found that 48 percent of respondents believe that increased complexity is a primary downside in using multiple clouds. Additionally, it’s difficult for organizations to fill critical cloud security roles, with a recent Fortinet survey finding that the most commonly cited position that is hard to hire for is the cloud security architect role. Fortinet is addressing these challenges for its customers with its Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS) offerings delivered through FortiCloud.

Among Fortinet’s customers, Continent 8 Technologies, Illinois State Treasurer, and SuperCare Inc. are leveraging FortiCloud’s SECaaS offerings to As a result, these customers have confidently adopted various cloud environments without worrying that it will slow down their operations or introduce security risks.

Continent 8 Secures Web Apps and APIs Leveraging FortiCloud

Continent 8 Technologies is a leading provider for hosting, networking, security, and cloud infrastructure managed services. As Continent 8 was looking to expand its managed security services to further secure customers’ web applications and APIs, it turned to Fortinet. Continent 8 uses Fortinet FortiWeb Cloud, which is delivered through FortiCloud, to offer Continent 8 Cloud WAF.

This web application and API security offering seamlessly integrates with Continent 8's IP Transit and DDoS protection services to further protect sensitive information and mission-critical applications. MSSPs like Continent 8 can expand their security services with the broadest set of SECaaS offerings to effectively protect customers’ entire attack surface.

Illinois State Treasurer Enhances Cybersecurity

When the Illinois State Treasurer’s IT team was looking to upgrade its legacy security environment, it selected Fortinet to implement new solutions that integrated security visibility and improved usability. By using FortiGate Cloud, part of the FortiCloud offering suite, the Treasurer’s Office was able to manage its FortiGate Next-Generation Firewalls from the cloud to achieve greater visibility into their network and isolate network traffic to a particular endpoint or application.

The Treasurer’s Office now has an easy-to-use, single-user interface, making it easy to make configurations and run analytics off-premises. Security reports provided by FortiGate Cloud have been a critical resource, providing the hard data necessary to answer auditors’ questions and demonstrate compliance with required security controls.

SuperCare Inc. Simplifies Security Management

SuperCare Inc. was seeking new solutions to simplify how it remotely managed security policies for their customers and enhance its own network security. Through FortiCloud’s SECaaS offerings, SuperCare Inc. now can use a single sign-on to manage multiple security appliances. As SuperCare Inc. looked to adopt new cloud environments, it needed easy deployment and setup, which is exactly what Fortinet provided through FortiCloud. SuperCare Inc. has been able to install solutions that it can customize to its needs and easily adjust security policies and profiles.

Dynamic Cloud Security Solutions for Any Environment

Organizations want to confidently roll out their cloud strategy without concerns of cloud-specific security vulnerabilities. This is why it is important that security solutions protect any cloud environment from multiple threat vectors and the entire range of exploits, both old and new. 

Meanwhile, the cyber threat landscape continues to become more sophisticated, making it hard for organizations to keep up. Many organizations do not have the tools they need to provide the visibility and control they require across their various workloads and applications. Fortinet’s customers are finding that through its Dynamic Cloud Security offerings, including FortiCloud, they are able to reap the benefits promised by the cloud—such as agility and scalability—without compromising security.

Learn how Fortinet Dynamic Cloud Security solutions provide increased visibility and control across cloud infrastructures, enabling secure applications and connectivity from data center to cloud.

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