Australian government boosting local cyber security innovators

AustCyber spruiking for local cyber security innovators positioned as key to post-COVID economic recovery.

Funding allocations for four promising Australian cyber security startups marked an escalating presence for the government-backed cyber industry group AustCyber, which is enjoying a heightened profile in the wake of the country’s significant recent cyber security investments.

AustCyber’s recent flurry of activity reflects a growing understanding within government that cyber security will be fundamental to ensuring a strong and secure foundation for Australia’s digital-led recovery as businesses undergo rapid transformation in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A new report, commissioned by the organisation and based around economic modelling by Synergy’s Advanced Modelling group, found that cyber security would be fundamental to this recovery by providing critical trust for investors.

The final four cyber security projects funded by the AustCyber Projects Fund

The final four proposals to receive financial support under AustCyber’s Projects Fund—a three-year, $15 million initiative targeting high-potential local cyber startups—included a range of projects by vocational school South Metropolitan TAFE, startup Cybermerc, the University of Adelaide, and training firm Untapped.

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